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Laboratory for Biofuel Engines – LMB

The Laboratory for Biofuel Engines of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of UNICAMP is composed of several spaces with different characteristics and in different stages of maturity, for conducting experimental research and modeling of engines and engine components. It comprises three lines of complementary researches associated with internal combustion engines conducted by three professors and their students of postgraduate and scientific initiation. It is linked to the Probioen Program of UNICAMP and to the BIOEN Program of FAPESP.

The Laboratory has a 25 m² computer room for the development of simulation models of engines with 06 computers and 02 printers, using software suitable for the development of home-made modeling programs (Matlab, EES, CC +, etc.). For simulations with higher computational needs, the UNICAMP's high performance computing cluster is used.

For experimental researches and tests of powertrain components, the appropriate devices required for each type of tests are constructed and instrumented using a common use area. An area of about 120 m2 intended for didactic training in internal combustion engines has a small test stand (5 kW) instrumented and able to measure the performance curves of a small engine, including the instantaneous pressure inside the cylinder. An area of 80 m2 intended for the testing of engines up to 120 kW is still in the stage of installation of the dynamometric bench and its peripherals, as well as the selection of specific instrumentation to be acquired.

The general objectives of the Laboratory are the training of professionals and the development of researches on internal combustion engines aimed at the use of biofuels. Within the scope of the Engineering Research Center "Prof. Urbano E. Stumpf " the LMB operates in three sub-themes: thermodynamic simulation of indicated engine performance, evaluation of unconventional technologies for increased efficiency, and modeling and experimental analysis of engine power train components, as described in detail in the item "Research areas and topics in progress". Specific project objectives: to explore the advantages of ethanol versus gasoline, and to evaluate different technologies that can increase performance and efficiency in ethanol-fueled engines, such as variable compression ratio, turbocharging, variable valve commands, water injection.

In addition to the researchers, three doctoral students, four master's degrees and one scientific initiation are project fellows. Other students not directly linked to the Center develop works in related areas, which contribute to the project objectives.


Coordinator:         Prof. Dr. Waldyr L. R. Gallo.

Key Researchers:     Prof. Dr. Janito V. Ferreira and Prof. Dr. Marco Lucio Bittencourt.

Laboratory for Biofuel Engines - FEM – UNICAMP - R. Mendeleev, 200, UNICAMP Campus - 13083-860 - Campinas - SP – Brazil

Contact: gallo@fem.unicamp.br - Phone: +55 (19) 3521.2367