Education and Knowledge Diffusion

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maurício Silva Ferreira – USP

One of the main objectives of this Center is the training of human resources and the diffusion of knowledge. Thus, there are human resources training and knowledge dissemination activities from secondary and technical education, for undergraduates and post-graduates, as well as for professionals in the sector. These activities are distributed over the duration of the project and involve all participating institutions.

High School

  • Dissemination for students - organized visits to laboratories, accompanied by lectures. The organization of these activities is the responsibility of each institution, on an annual basis. It should take advantage of opportunities already foreseen in the calendar of universities, such as USP's "University and Professions" and UNICAMP's "Open University". In these days, there is a huge influx of visitors interested in research activities and it is a great opportunity for dissemination.
  • Training of students - up to two high school students per year, to practice in Institution Laboratories. Whenever possible, this activity should be coordinated with programs of internships already existing in universities.

Technical/technological education

  • Provide internship opportunities for technical education students. Whenever possible, this activity should be coordinated with internship programs offered by universities.

Undergraduate education

  • Training of undergraduate students, through Scientific Initiation Projects.
  • Offer of End Course Dissertation topics associated with the Research Project

Graduate education

  • Training of Masters and Doctors
  • Opportunities for post-doctoral internships
  • Extension courses on topics related to the Project.

Business sector

  • Dissemination of knowledge to professionals in the sector, through participation in seminars or workshops, be they specifically organized for this purpose, or of a general nature.
  • Dissemination of knowledge to PSA professionals, through mini courses or lectures.
  • To establish partnerships with institutions related to the area, such as SAE Brazil, AEA, ANFAVEA and FIESP.