High speed camera with intensifier and objective lens

PLAN FOR MANAGEMENT AND SHARING OF USE OF MULTI-USER EQUIPMENT (MUE process linked to the 2013 / 50238-3 process) – under construction

This plan for managing and sharing the use of multi-user equipment is related to the MONOCHROMATIC HIGH-SPEED CAMERA.


The laboratory will have technical support, which will be responsible for the entire operational and maintenance of the equipment. The laboratory will be supervised by the Steering Committee.

The MUE will be installed in the ITA Laboratory of Combustion, Propulsion and Energy – LCPE, with enough space for the MUE.

Specialized maintenance services will be contracted with external suppliers.

This plan also presents the Management Committee and the Users Committee and their functions. In both committees.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is composed by:

  • Prof. Dr. Pedro Teixeira Lacava- LCPE Researcher (ITA) – Coordinator
  • Prof. Dr. Maurício Vicente Donadon- Head of the Aeronautical Engineering Division (ITA)
  • Prof. Dr. Ezio Castejon Garcia – Head of the Mechanical Engineering Division (ITA)

Responsibilities of the steering committee:

• Manage the use and operation of the equipment;

• Evaluate the proposals for the use of the EMU by researchers and internal orexternal to the CPE and, when appropriate, correct distortions in use and access;

• Guarantee access to other researchers in the scientific community;

• Hold a semiannual meeting to define usage procedures and their improvements;

• Establish criteria and procedures for the equipment to produce reliable results;

• Establish criteria to guarantee resources for the maintenance of the EMU;

• Establish criteria to guarantee the full functioning of the EMU during the minimum period7 years;• Gather the publications generated with the results obtained with the EMU. 

The term of office of the Steering Committee will be two years, with members appointed by the Rectory – CR.

The Users Committee is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment and its access according to the rules of the EMU program and will be composed by the researchers:

Prof. Dr. João Andrade de Carvalho Júnior (UNESP) – Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Rogério Gonçalves (UNICAMP)
Prof. Dr. Mario Eduardo Santos Martins (UFSM)

The responsibilities of the Users Committee are:

  • Check the equipment usage records and make suggestions to the management committee;
  • Make a continuous assessment of the condition of the equipment and discuss the coherence and accuracy of the equipment. results;
  •  Discuss and present the guidelines for schedules and use of equipment to the steering committee; • Present an opinion with the documented demonstration of the intensity of use of the EMU, separating data from internal and external users;
  •  Provide data related to the publications generated with the results obtained by the EMU;
  •  Hold semi-annual committee meetings. Possible users in the last 12 months, and signatories of the original proposal may be invited to the meetings.

Registration for equipment use