The Engineering Research Center has an Executive Committee composed by its Director, Deputy-Director, Technology Transfer Coordinator, Education and Knowledge Diffusion Coordinator, as well as by all Principal Researchers from each participant Institution. This Committee has monthly meetings to exchange technical information and define administrative subjects.

The relationship among the Laboratories, FAPESP, PSA and Administrative Foundations can be seen in the Figure bellow.

Invited researchers of international excellence compose the International Advisory Board. Visits of these researchers to Brazil or from Brazilian researchers to these foreign laboratories are planned and some of them already occurred.

International Advisory Board members:

Prof. Laurent Catoire – UCP – ENSTA – Paris Tech – France.

Prof. Dr. Ezio Spessa – Istituto Politécnico di Torino – POLITO – Italy.

Profa. Dra.Simone Hochgreb – Cambridge University – UK.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler – Darmstadt Technical University – Germany.

Prof. Dr. Pavlos Aleiferis – Imperial College London  - UK.